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This is a blog about Personal Growth Next Level, Spirituality and Self Mastery

For some of you there will be a point in your personal growth when you hit the roof. No matter how hard you try to break through you feel stuck.


Maybe, It’s not you who are stuck, it is your perception of things that is hindering you. For every iteration in your personal growth the thresholds are harder to overcome. 


If you are happy, inspired, connected within, you feel energetic. You feel that you contribute for real and you see good in peoples heart. Keep it up. Go go go. You are on to something great. If you used to be that person and are not anymore then stick around.


Maybe you have done really good for yourself but now you are bored. Uninspired. You can’t feel your intuition. It’s hard to give that honest smile. You tell yourself, – I have so much to be grateful for. Who am I to ask for more. You tell yourself that you should be ashamed for wanting more out of life.


You start feeling guilty for feeling unhappy.


Maybe you start working out or focusing on food. Believe me, I have tried all the diets and health smoothies on the planet. I got all the books and have listened to every episode of Food pharmacy. It did gave me some satisfaction for some time but eventually it always faded. I ended up whit feelings of being unhappy, uninspired, frustrated, bored, dissatisfied, angry and for every iteration it got worse until the point where I started to get bitter, grudging and judging with a negative mindset as a default.


It’s not our normal state. Not for me and not for you. It’s a sign that something is wrong and it could mean that you are stuck too, depressed even, just like I was.


Good thing is, you don’t have to be stuck anymore. This blog could be a great place for you to find inspiration and support to keep up with your personal growth.


Here you can read about How I got out of a depression and all the tools that I used. You can read about How I got started with meditation. You can read about Mind Hacking .


With this blog I want to inspire you and leave you with a great sense of hope for your future.